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A kaleidoscope of rainbow textures and rhythms disperse into the exotic soundscape of ‘Tropical’. Electronics, real folk instruments and noise-making objects feature here generously on this six-track concept album, blending together a sonic palette influenced by a rich variety of music, people and places.

My Panda Shall Fly AKA musician and visual artist Suren Seneviratne, is set to release ‘Tropical’ via Soundway Records on 4th August 2014.

The material was initially written over the course of a few months during what Seneviratne called "a beautiful burst of inspiration". Working with veteran producer Asier Leatxe Ibanez d'Opakoa (Electric Lady Studios, NYC), Seneviratne then set about disassembling all the songs and re-working them meticulously, enriching the sounds by adding a huge range of live instrumentation, before processing the audio through vintage analogue studio gear. 

Suren Seneviratne, born in Sri Lanka before settling in London in 1996, first caught the attention of the music world with a remix that featured on Pitchfork back in 2010. Since then he has released a plethora of diverse records, gaining support from the likes of Clash Magazine, The Fader, Mixmag and Dazed Digital, as well as regularly touring internationally. He has also remixed the likes of The Weeknd, Stay Positive & Little Boots as well as appearing at festivals like BBC Hackney Weekender, Outlook Croatia & Glade as well as performing at prestigious venues such as The Design Museum, Tate Modern & Barbican. 

My Panda Shall Fly has gone through many an incarnation but it was around seven years ago that music from other continents first began piquing his interest, filling his head with new sounds that eventually seeded the ideas for this project. On ‘Rainfall’ he works with the sound of tongue mallets, cymbals and synthesized bass while on ‘'Yapeyú' he manipulates the sound of pan pipes with poly-rhythmic Rhumba percussion.

With the release of ‘Tropical’, My Panda Shall Fly has yet again set himself apart as one of the most unique contemporary electronic musicians around today. 

My Panda Shall Fly - Yapeyú by Soundway Records

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My Panda Shall Fly

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