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Soundway Records Confirm New Album From Bomba Estereo

Soundway Records Confirm New Album From Bomba Estereo

“Elegancia Tropical stretches in multiple direction.“ Jon Pareles NY TIMES

Bomba Estereo’s new album entitled “Elegancia Tropical” is out now on iTunes and a physical CD & LP is set for release in January 2013.

The long awaited follow up to “Blow Up” (2009) refines the bands Columbian sound – taking a deeper dive into Colombia’s Afro-Latin roots and beats, without losing their edgy drive that has propelled Bomba Estereo around the world.

Hailing from Bogata, Bomba Estereo recorded “Elegancia Tropical” on the beach near Santa Marta, said Simón Mejía, Bomba’s bassist and musical mastermind, “We weren’t really thinking about anything. We didn’t think or care too much about making some big hit like ‘Fuego,’ just about having a good time.”

“Elegancia Tropical” is reflective of Bomba Estereo’s high-energy live shows. Containing the perfect balance of day-glo electronics and earthy cumbia rumbles, the band keeps it bold and bright, with deep electronic dance-floor cuts, hard-hitting MC tracks featuring Buraka Som Sistema and Brazilian MC BNegao, and the sweet, swaying Afro-Caribbean soul of “El Alma y El Cuerpo”.

Elegancia Tropical - Bomba Estéreo

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